Thursday, March 19, 2009

80% and 6 days

Drew (who is sunning his feet at the window right now) is choosing to walk about 80% of the time.  YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!  I was doing my best to not freak out about the no walking thing, but since he has started doing it more I have realized how relieved I am.  Now when we go to the doctor next month I can say "why yes he is walking".  

Austin and I are watching the NCAA Tournament right now.  Butler is playing LSU and we are rooting against each other.  I can't believe my own son would root against me!  He has loved LSU ever since his football team was LSU when he was in first grade.  Right now, Butler is losing by 2.  We will see what happens.  Austin did his first bracket this year and he is pretty excited about his choices.  Memphis all the way!

Only 6 days until we get the keys to our "house-apartment".  That is what Tony calls it because I really wanted to rent a house instead of an apartment (I feel closed in).  This place is one story, so no one up or down and we have our own front porch.  It is actually bigger than our house - 4 bedrooms, and has a huge front bathroom.  It's kind of in the boondocks though.  I don't suspect people will be visiting often!  It's off exit 105, so closer to Indy (we will get back!) and in a good spot for Tony's clients in Huntington.  I have no idea how to get anywhere down there so I am glad Tony got a GPS for his birthday!!

I am very excited to get all our stuff out of storage - I haven't seen some of it for over a year!  It will be like Christmas morning while I unpack boxes.  I can't wait to see what we already own!!

Now Butler is losing by 4 . . .

Thursday, March 5, 2009


This station is now broadcasting in digital only. I am seeing that on NBC right now so thought I would write it also!

Onward and upward . . . we got to play outside today! Yaaaayy! Around the middle to end of January I always want winter to be over so we can play and go to parks etc, etc. Hopefully the rain will be spotty the next few days like the meteorologists are predicting. I may have convinced my dad that they really do need to get a shorter basketball hoop to hook onto the huge one for the little kids (we've been trying since Austin was 2!!).

I've started teaching Austin CURSIVE. How did he get so old? He has wanted to for awhile and finally I gave in. He really likes it and is pretty good (of course only loop letters so far).

Drew is starting to walk more like he wants to. Maybe me telling him he can play outside more if he walks has helped? Doubtful, but I am glad he is walking more no matter what the reason.

I have watched "Dan in Real Life" about 5 times in the past week. First of all, I really like Steve Carell and secondly, it is a definitely a good movie. Besides the fact that I wish I had told my dad he was a murderer of love (as the middle daughter does) when I was a teenager (it is definitely how I felt at times), I love the line at the end where his character says "Instead of telling our young people to plan ahead, we should tell them to plan to be surprised." I have needed that many times in my life so far and know I will probably need it again.