Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh how I love Greenwood

I drove down to Greenwood twice this past week, once to drop Austin off and the second to pick him up (with Tony and Drew). Oh how I love it there! I feel so at home when I am driving and see places. Our old church is now HUGE since they have finished the renovations, Austin got to go inside and check it out with his friend. I went to a SuperTarget the day I dropped Austin off and oh how I love that place! I wish Fort Wayne had supers, but no just regular Target. Not exactly the same. The pool in our old neighborhood is not being used this year, they were having issues the summer after we moved out and I guess they did not resolve them? It is very empty, no water at all. We went to Long John Silvers to eat dinner (healthy I know) since I think Fort Wayne might have one but not easily accessible to us. But it was good - I love their chicken and the very unhealthy crunchies!
The Greenwood Freedom Festival is this weekend and I wish we were going but just don't have the money to do gas and food and hotel right now. I think we will go to the Family Fun Fair at our old church in August - we should have both cars paid off then and more money to work with each month. Oh how I love Greenwood, and I will not be surprised if we end up moving back. Maybe sooner, maybe later who knows but I bet it will happen.

Off to bed to listen to the thunder outside and hopefully sleep.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Austin had his very first Wildcat game today. It was actually his very first day of playing organized baseball. I am not a fan of the sport, so I have tried to steer him away from it. But hey, Wildcat is only $8 for an entire summer of fun!

Austin did great! He hit 4 out of 4 and got runs each time. He almost forgot to touch home the first run, but went back and did it. He got in the groove of saying "hey batter batter" pretty quickly, and did his best to field balls (needs a bit more practice on that!).

The absolute best part was afterwards, when Austin came up to me and said "That was really fun!!" without me even having to ask. If you know him, you know that is a rarity. I am so glad that Austin likes to play and it gives him something to do 4 days a week until the end of July. Yipee!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

insomnia - what's new?

Here I am again up at 3am. I could really use some tylenol pm or something like that but I didn't go grocery shopping tonight b/c it was pouring outside. The movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" is on though which I love so at least I have something to amuse me!

Austin had his first day of FITS (Fun In The Son - aka vacation bible school) today. He got to do a rock climbing wall and tomorrow is skateboarding, with an "expert" coming to show them tricks. He is very excited about that. Although I have to drive 20 minutes across town, it is free which is so nice! The ones I've found down by us all cost, one is even $65. Yeah right I don't think so!! Austin is also taking an art class @ IPFW for the 3rd yeard in a row. He's doing 3-D art- same class as last year. So 2 weeks out of the summer are covered. Now all I have to do is keep him from being so bored for the rest of the time!

Well I think I will try to get to sleep again. Gotta get up @ 7:30 to get the boys ready to go! Woohoo