Monday, September 29, 2008

Disjointed ramblings

Austin is EIGHT YEARS OLD!!  Holy cow!

There are some things I can't get out of my mind lately.  One house in particular, which I know is not a good idea to get b/c it has foundation issues!!  Other than that is is great! : )  4 bedrooms, nice kitchen, even a basement.  If only we could find out how much it would cost to fix ahead of making an offer . . . 
   Something Tony and I used to be involved in is also constantly in my thoughts.  When I hear certain things said, or songs, see certain cars etc I always think of it and wish we still did it.  The people we met were some of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met.  This may not make any sense to anyone reading it but it does to me.  
  Well this post is a bit of a ramble but sometimes that is good right??   Still praying for the right job for Tony, he has had some interviews but none have panned out yet.  Hopefully we will be in our own place before Christmas, I would like to be able to decorate with my own decorations and do our family traditions surrounded by our furniture.  Although I am so grateful that my parents are allowing us to stay with them, it is so vastly different from being in our own place. Also, I would prefer not to move in the middle of a snowstorm, and we are usually pretty safe until mid-December.  I am watching a "Home Improvement" Christmas show  - I really do love this show!  Ahhh Christmas!  Less than three months away!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My kids rock!

  Tony and I took Drew in for his one year old shots.  Five of them - 5!!  He didn't cry until she poked him with the second needle, then cried until I could cuddle him and he calmed down right away.  He is so good with the shots, I am very glad.  BTW the Supershot location near Parkview is very nice.  I thought we would have a long wait by the number of people in there, but it was around 20 minutes or so.  
   We all got library cards today since we just moved.  I let Austin pick out three books to read but he ended up getting only two.  He put one back that was a "comic book" book because he knew I didn't really like him reading those.  I was going to let him get it, I have decided it's better than nothing.  I am very proud of his decision making ability.  
   One of my friends is supposed to have her third baby tomorrow and I pray for her a short and (relatively!) easy labor.  I can't wait to meet him or her!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tony has already had one job interview and has two more this week.  Praying for the right job to come through.  I know he will do great in any of them.
ANDREW IS ONE!!! My baby is not so much a baby anymore!  We had a little family party on the weekend and then on his actual birthday made pizzas, since that is one of his favorite foods.  He seems to really like his new toys - so do his brother and cousin!
Tony and I went and got our new licenses today, so we officially live in Fort Wayne and we can vote in the election.  I am very glad about that, I didn't want to be someone who tells others how important it is to vote and then not do it!  
I pray that I either grow to like the church we have been attending or we find another great one up here.  So far, I haven't "felt it" while I have been at that church.  The people seem nice and the sermons seem right on with what I have been taught and believe, but for me I am not connecting how I feel I need to.  
I am going to work on getting a better schedule during the day.  With Tony being home, I have let myself be a little lazy and not do housework and/or go many places.  I am going to get my library card soon and check out the nearest branch and well I don't know what else.  I have told Austin's teacher that I will volunteer one morning a week at school, so that should help things. 
We are taking Austin to a Bishop Luers home football game this Friday.  He is excited and it should be a fun time for the three of us!  Hoping for no rain and chilly but not cold weather.  I am actually looking forward to it! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

what to do what to do

Austin is in his third week of school at Imagine.  So far I am not impressed.  I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but he has been switched classes and I have not even gotten ANYTHING from his new teacher say "hi this is me"  I think he could find time to type/write a little note saying that.  Also the pick-up procedure is very unorganized, as well as the lunch money/ordering.  They say they need parents but then don't take up on the offers of help.

(Yay I am so happy that this autosaves - my computer battery died and it is still here!)

All that complaining to say - I want to pull Austin out so badly!  But I don't know if it is b/c last year I had total control with homeschooling and I need to adjust or if it is as bad as I think.  If I still feel as strongly when he has finished a month (and if he is still doing single-digit no carrying addition) I think I will talk seriously to Tony about pulling him out.  For now I am praying and trying to find the silver lining of this school.  Maybe it is just beginning of school craziness who knows.  

A kid must be bored when he asks his mom to teach him borrowing if they aren't doing it by October!!  No joke.  

UPDATE:  We got a call a few days after I wrote this last post that the other Imagine school had an opening and got him in there.  I like it better, the facility is larger and nicer, they seem to have better communication.  I am still giving this semester if they are not teaching what up to his level.  He might be a bit ahead of his grade level, but that is part of the Imagine schools - they teach to each child's level, not just all the kids lumped in together.  I have high hopes and he can stay there until high school (if Tony gets his way - BLHS) or through graduation.  We will have to wait and see, but I am a bit more optimistic.