Saturday, May 30, 2009

finally figured it out

I know what's going on! I have been thinking about how much I wish we still lived in Greenwood and I finally figured out that I am homesick! I never had this when I went to college or even when Tony and I moved down there so I was so confused. But homesickness is defnitely what I am expreiencing.

Now the question is, do I get over it and we continue to live up here or do we figure out a way to move back?? Tony and Austin are expreiencing the same thing I think. I know Austin really wants to move back - yes he has friends @ cub scouts and soccer, but he knew all the same kids since he was a little guy in G'wood, from church and school. It has been a huge change for him, living up here. I feel bad for him but life is about changes right? Poor guy.

We are watching "7 Pounds" right now and will smith's character has a jellyfish. It just ate a fish. I have never seen a jellyfish eat before. Interesting movie so far. . .

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Second 500

Again, heartache. My absolute favorite driver, Tony Kanaan, wrecked when part of his car broke and smashed into the wall yesterday. He didn't even lead a lap this year. Boo. But I know next year is HIS YEAR TO WIN!! TK in 2010!

Our day started at 3:30am when we woke up to get the coolers all packed and put in the car. (More like Tony and Stephen did that, I just WOKE UP) We left around 4:20am to head down to the track. After arriving around 6:30 or so, we got out the grill and the guys cooked us some breakfast and we hung out until about 11 or so.

Onto the track - our seats are so awesome! We were right behind AJ Foyt IV's pit; right behind as in 5 rows back. We could see all the drivers going to the driver's meeting and they could hear us cheering for them (Tony knew each and every driver - including the rookies) and I think Tony got a personal thumbs up from Helio after he yelled his name! So great to sit around people and just have fun and not be a mom for a little bit!

I think a highlight for me was not being the "virgin" there. My sister thought we had to walk over the track to get to our seats since they are on the inside! LMAO! Also seeing the fire on Vitor's car was interesting, since we were so close (one pit over). But it was a great time and I am looking forward to next year already.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting ready for the Race

This is my second year going to the race and Tony's third. He hasn't yet convinced me that it's a good idea to camp out the night before but this year we are cooking breakfast on his brother's camp stove. Also cooking something after the race I think. Might as well eat while we are waiting the 2 hours to get out of the parking lot!

It was SOOOO much easier getting ready for the race when we lived in Indy. Besides that we knew what was going on at the track each day (FW sports doesn't think it's important), we didn't have to get up race day @ 4 am. Yes 4AM!!! I will definitely be sleeping in the car, as will my sister I'm sure! Maybe in a few years we will move back and truly appreciate how awesome it is to live closer to the track.

I am looking forward to my second race (and watching Tony Kanaan win this year!). It's a fun time and so interesting to watch all the people who are there. Last year a family from Italy was sitting in front of us. And of course, all the silly drunk people.

So look for us sitting behind Pit Row on Race Day. We'll be the ones eating yummy homemade turkey sandwiches during the race!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Relaxing Nights

I love nights like this. We had dinner (without the TV! - big thing for Tony), I gave Drew his bath and now Tony and Austin are playing golf on the Wii and Drew is walking back and forth down our long hallway throwing balls as he goes. It is very cute to watch, especially since I put him in some of Austin's old pjs. I get very nostalgic when he is in his big brother's clothes.

It is so wonderful that Drew can entertain himself sometimes. I love it when I have to clean or cook, but I also love just watching him play. Most of the time he talks or whispers to himself as he is playing. I also find him in his room on his rocker reading books a lot. Now that I totally love!!

Austin has been reading through his Bible lately when we are in the car. He has one that is kind of comic book-y, so it is easier for him to get into some of the (Old Test.) stories. When I told him he could skip to the Jesus parts, he said his goal is to read straight through the entire Bible. I say go for it!

Off to play with Drew some before he goes to bed at 9.