Monday, May 24, 2010

BBB! (Big Boy Bed)

Drew has graduated from his crib into a big boy bed. We decided to keep him in there as long as possible (we got Austin a big bed when he was about 18 months), I thought I had until about age 3. Last week he decided to speed things up a bit and climb out of his crib MULTIPLE times during naptime. After the second time I went into his room and said "show me" - he did it (fast!) and then put his hands up like "TA DA!" He is so cute I couldn't help but laugh, which doesn't help me convince him not to climb out again.

So that night Daddy and Austin put together Drew's big boy bed. It is a toddler bed and although he was a little wary at first he now loves it. He is so proud and tells people all about his big boy bed and that we said bye-bye to his crib.

Drew usually goes to sleep at night pretty well, some nights I stay in there longer and sit by him but usually just for one song on his cd. Naptime is a different story. Right now it is about 50/50 for Drew actually sleeping, the other times he reads or plays. I have told him that if he doesn't want to sleep he still has to stay in his room and be quiet until Mommy gets him after naptime is over. Most days he leaves his door closed and either sleeps or I hear him playing with his toys.

Today however, he kept opening the door and checking for me in the hallway. Then he came out (less than 5 minutes after I put him in his room) and said "I wake up!" It is so hard to keep a straight face and just walk him back to his room. Must remember to laugh AFTER I close his door! Finally he stayed in his room and played the whole nap time. When naptime was over, he still told me he woke up. He either slept for 2 minutes or can play toys in his sleep!

Thankfully he was so tired tonight he went to sleep just fine. One song and he rolled over and said "Goodnight Momma."

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