Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well hubby says it's time for me to write a blog.  Maybe I should tell people about it so someone reads it! 
   I just signed our older son up for school.  Ahhh ...  I homeschooled him this past year and feel like a failure since I am not continuing on with it.  But hopefully he will have fun and it will be less stressful at our house.  I really liked the planning and teaching - when he would do school.  A lot of times it was a struggle to say the least, especially towards the end of the year.  Funny how he has no problems with authority unless it's me!
   I think he will really like the new school; it is a charter school that many people have heard great things about.   I met the principal today and he used the phrase "I/we are blessed . . ." three times when I was talking to him.  That always makes an impact when people say that instead of "I'm lucky  . . ."  So it helped calm my nerves about signing him up for this school. Although I hope they have A/C - they are doing construction on the school now and it was mighty hot in there!
  It will be interesting having him wear a uniform everyday.  He didn't even have  uniforms at his Christian school.  I am okay with uniforms, it simplifies the buying of school clothes and I know there is less of a chance for him to be distracted by what someone is wearing (or not wearing as he gets older!)
  I am and will be praying for a great start to his new school.  If anyone who reads this wants to send one up please do.

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