Thursday, July 17, 2008

To Mississippi we will go

Tonight my mom, sister, her son (1), my two boys (Austin 7 , Drew 10 months) and I are traveling down to Mississippi. It's baby boy's first long trip! We are starting around his bedtime so hopefully he sleeps most of the trip and in the morning his brother and cousin can keep him entertained!

Are we crazy to assume we can do this? Tony has to work so he won't be with us and I am starting to freak out that there won't be enough room for all the stuff I need to take. It's only a four day trip but I need a bed, bathtub (blow up), I would like a high chair but I don't think any of us has one that folds up. It will work out, right?

I am excited though because I haven't seen a lot of my family in awhile. We're going down for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Most of them haven't met Drew or seen Austin in years.
I'm a little nervous about seeing one of my uncles who reacted badly (massive understatement!) when I told him I was pregnant with my first. We have not really talked much since then but he has expressed regret to everyone else in my family. It will be interesting to see what if anything he has to say to me, or if he acts like everything is cool. I have done my best to forgive him but it hurt me badly at the time. I would love an apology but don't know what will happen.
We will see. . .
In the meantime I am very excited about seeing my cousin looking beautiful in her wedding dress and marrying her love.

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Brian said...

Hey!! You have a blog now! Cool!