Friday, December 12, 2008

School school and more school

  In an effort to be able to make some actual money when Tony is in PA school I have decided to go back and get a nursing degree.  Since I have been out of school since 2003 (and even that was part time!) it is FREAKING ME OUT!!!   I think this next semester will be part time since I have some classes done but still a few pre-reqs to get into the nursing program so that will be good to kind of ease back in.  I want to be able to watch my nephew through the summer and then if I go full-time in the fall my sister will have enough notice to find a good place for him.
   I am also homeschooling Austin again starting after Christmas break (99% sure).  I haven't officially pulled him out yet but that's what next week is for!  So I figure he will learn more about anatomy and physiology than any other 8 year old out there!  I am still not happy with his school, I do think his teacher is a great teacher, but the way they do the curriculum is not how it was described to me when I signed him up.  He is in the highest reading group a 2nd grader is allowed to be in, but he is still bored by it.  As for math, he is kind of between 2nd and 3rd grade and there isn't a level for that.  I have been supplementing with stuff in the evenings (since he actually likes to do harder math!)  
  As Tony said the other day, we don't do easy. He is also going to be taking a few courses to fulfill pre-reqs for PA school.  We are going to be in learning mode AND kid mode AND teaching mode AND working mode.  So I'm sure I can handle all this stuff but I think I am just really nervous about going back to school.  Plus if I'm a lot older than the other students it will be very weird!  
   This craziness is the reason we moved back to Fort Wayne where there is lots of family!! 

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seeree, phd (jan 09) said...

You'll do great at nursing school! Just go slow and don't try to do too much at once.