Thursday, January 29, 2009

Going batty back to school

Well one of the perks of living with my parents is the wildlife we get to see! The other night a bat flew into their house and decided it would be fun to fly around for awhile. Of course I screamed and scared the poop out of Drew. Tony came to the rescue and got the bat downstairs and out of the house. I just don't like them at all ever since I was in high school and heard my cat chasing something up and down the hall. Lo and behold it was a bat that we had to trap in a little plastic trash can (this was after I crawled into my parents' room so it wouldn't get me!). The bats are fun to watch in the evening OUTSIDE but I would rather they not come in and say hi!

We are back to homeschooling. After many months of praying, we decided that this is the best option for Austin's education. His school wasn't bad, but it wasn't geared toward kids who excel. We are doing a unit study on pirates right now. Aargh! Although Austin has told me he doesn't want to BE a pirate he just wants to LEARN about pirates. It is pretty fun so far and we are starting a book soon that looks really good, about a ten year old boy who becomes a pirate and keeps a diary. It should be a lot of fun!

My nephew is turning two next week. Two years old wow! Austin teaches him stuff as part of his school, this week they are working on the color blue. We also played "Simon Says" today and Jack really got into it. He loved to copy whatever Austin did - even tried push ups! It is very cute. Drew just loves watching us play and laughs and laughs when we do something funny. I'm sure by the summer he will be ready to run around with us outside (can't wait for the warm weather!)


Sarah said...

I think homeschooling is the right decision too sis! Although, even if I didn't, I would support you 100%!
Simon says..really?! I'll have to try that with Jack sometime!
Love ya!

Sarah said...

P.S.-thanks for blogging today!!