Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Day!

Today was a snow day for Austin.  I guess it was really slick in the roads, I didn't go out at all so who knows?   Tony went in to get Austin up this morning and he was lying there listening to his radio for delays and he said "2 hour delay!!!"  Woohoo!  So he came in bed with us for a little bit and when I couldn't take his 'I'm not going back to sleep but I will lie here and TRY to be still' any longer I said just go watch tv. Then later he burst into our room and said "Imagine schools cancelled!"  He was so excited, but maybe not as excited as my mom (teacher)!  

Since Austin didn't have school he got to watch the tree guys partially take down this tree that is growing right next to my parents house. It has bent the gutter it is that close.  He loved watching the pieces crash to the ground and see the big parts of the trunk be lowered with the rope.  He got to go outside and see a man waaaaay up high at the top of the tree before he cut off the top part. He said it was really cool but he would never do it.  Austin seems to have inherited his dad's fear of heights.  I guess he won't be my skydiving buddy!  

The only bummer about no school is when it's yucky and there isn't enough snow to have fun in.  Austin doesn't use up enough energy so he is a little crazy in the evening.  But bedtime is here and all will be well.  I wonder if he will have a delay tomorrow . . .   

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