Thursday, July 16, 2009

19 and pregnant

I am sitting here watching "16 and pregnant" on MTV (I know I know) and the girl who is on this show is considering adoption for her baby. I don't know if she will go through with it or not b/c there is a half hour left. While watching her meet the adoptive parents and go through the doubts, I am once again so glad that we chose to keep Austin instead of giving him up for adoption. When I got pregnant at 19, we did consider it early in my pregnancy since we were so young and had no idea how to provide for him. If we had, I would've missed out on so many amazing things. Watching Austin grow and become a little boy, now a big boy. His weeks when he was 4 of wearing only his spider-man outfit, silly dancing all over the living room, and what an awesome big brother he has been for Andrew (among other many things). I am so thankful we have had all these years with him and will have many more, instead of wondering what he looks like and what kind of person he is becoming. We definitely made the right decision for our family.


Sarah said...

I am REALLY glad you kept him too!!! He is a wonderful boy, soon to be a wonderful "young man"! Ah!! I don't know what I, Jack or Drew would do without him! We are all very blessed to have him in our lives!

Kaco said...