Wednesday, August 5, 2009

this and that

Tony said I need to blog, so here you go sweetie! I successfully did not watch "Jon & Kate Plus 8" on Monday, I have decided not to watch anymore for a few reasons. #1 - they are exploiting their kids, and especially now when the kids' lives are turned upside down b/c of what is happening with their parents; #2 - it is getting boring, plus I don't like how much they focus on Kate and her being a single mother doing it all - excuse me but you have PLENTY of paid help you are not doing it yourself; and #3 - if I liked watching 1/2 hour commercials, I would watch them. It is not fun to watch anymore. I hope the show is canceled soon and the kids get somewhat of a normal childhood (whatever is left of it). Okay, off my soapbox now.

My little sister got married a week and a half ago. It was beautiful and the weather was not as hot as a normal July, so that was nice. She looked so gorgeous in her dress! My friends Sarah and Adam got married last weekend. That was also beautiful, they got married in the History Center downtown. Drew loved the choo-choo on the first floor of the museum so much that we were some of the last people to go back upstairs for the reception! We didn't get to stay as long as I would've liked; Drew hurt his finger in a chair; but I still got to chat a little bit with some high school friends.

Our 9 year anniversary was yesterday. We went out last week when the boys were at my parents' house for the week, so yesterday we just went to my parents' house and went swimming in their pool and had steak for dinner. Yummy! We are trying to figure out what to do next year for our tenth. We have almost an entire year to decide, any suggestions?

Only 19 more days until I start college again. I need to buy my books and there is an orientation I have to go to on the 20th. I still need to walk around campus and find where my classes are so I don't look like the big dork that I am on the first day of classes. It will definitely take some adjusting to figure out when I will be able to study w/out being up all night every night. But it can and will be done!


Chris said...

You are completely right on J&K+8. I was not a regular watcher, but saw it some. It is just really sad now. You are right, they became big commercials.

Good luck at school!

Sarah said...

Ummm..good luck on the not staying up all night studying thing..I don't think there is any other way with a husband and 2 children! I wish I could go back this semester:( I AM going back in January after the musical and everything settles down. I love you and am proud of you big sis! You can do it!