Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank you Mom & Dad!

Oh bless my parents! They bought us a couch! We had my family down to our place for Austin's birthday last month and I guess the lack of seating was noticed. We haven't had one for awhile, we gave our old one to one of Tony's clients who had no living room furniture. Then we didn't need one living with my parents, then we were going to get Tony's gma's couch. She changed her mind about buying a new one so we have been just without a couch for awhile.
We were just going to wait and buy one when we found a good one at Goodwill or Salvation Army or garage sale, but it is so nice to know where the couch has been (or not been) :)

Thank you Mom and Dad for offering to buy us a couch and doing preliminary searching also. My dad called me about it after he had already found a few potential ones for us. The one we chose is from Ashley Furniture and we should have it in about a week. Our saleman was very nice and personable and not pushy at all.

We are looking forward to having enough seating for the four of us without one of us sitting on the floor or bean bag!

On a side note: tattoo ink isn't covered in the warranty on the couch fabric. just so you know.


Sarah said...

Dang! I'm gonna have to find some place else to get my tattoo! I was TOTALLY planning on getting one on your new couch! oh well, enjoy it anyways!!

Sarah said...

yeah, Daddy came over last night to drop off Jack's hat and he was asking me what he could buy for us. He said he just got "in the mood" to buy his kids stuff! I was like, ok! what am I gonna say, no?! Still not sure what we'll be getting. It's awesome to have such wonderful parents!!!