Friday, October 9, 2009

Glad this week is over.

I think reading my previous post every day this week would've helped. This was far and away the suckiest week @ school so far. I didn't flunk any tests or anything, it was just all these little things going wrong, plus I got the application for the nursing program and I kind of freaked out. Not in front of anyone thank goodness, just inside my own head.
It has also been a yucky week for weather. Cold and rainy almost every day, which I love if I have no place to go but walking around campus in it is not that fun. I do have a pink umbrella, so that brightens my day a bit!

Austin has been so mouthy lately with us and I heard him do it to his grandma also. Sometimes I just want to smack him (not that I do)! I'm sure my parents had that feeling with me sometimes, I can remember being a punk to my dad especially in my teenage years. And that's the thing - I was a tennager and Austin is only NINE. So we need to nip this in the bud before I go insane from ten more years of this. There has been talk of taking everything out of his room except his bed and alarm clock, and clothes. The only problem is we have no garage and therefore we are lacking storage for this. Taking away privileges has been going on but he just flits to something else. I want to start washing out his mouth - we need to buy regular bar soap, I heard the antibacterial soap is not good to use for this purpose. Don't know if it's true but better safe than sorry. We will just have to see what works and get our happy boy back.

On a completely side note, if anyone's oven breaks, hope that it is the heating element in the oven part. It is so quick and easy to fix. Ours broke Sunday night and although maintenance didn't even come until Wed, he was here in the morning and went and got the part and it was fixed when we came back around 1pm. The new heating element works wonderfully and we had some great apple pie last night (not homemade). Haven't gotten my cold weather apple pie and bread making urge yet. :)

Drew has come to me and he is stinky so off I go. Then I think he wants to put his lioin outfit on. ROAR!!

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Sarah said...

I think a pink umbrella would make me smile too!

You know you have a sister to call during those freak out moments! This is why I'm here!! I know I have talked to you in plenty of my freak out moments especially this past year, so feel free to call me! If I don't answer, leave a message!! I WILL call you back!

BTW, thanks for the concern on the FML comment...I'm over it now. Just one of those moments, you know?!