Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Updates

Watching Straight No Chaser on PBS right now. They are an amazing a capella group that started when the guys all went to IU Bloomington. Love them, just wish they had a tour date closer to Fort Wayne!

This year has been a weird one. A lot of people have passed away that are relatives/friends of friends. The most important one to us is Tony's grandma, who passed away at the beginning of February. She was a wonderful 90 year old lady who left behind a family that loves her very much. Although she was older it was still a shock because she hadn't been sick or anything like that. I am so glad we had dinner with her every week since we moved back, it is good to know we spent time with her and our boys got to know her well. Drew still asks where she is when we are at her house (Tony's mom lives there still). I am also glad I was able to spend some time getting to know her as I interviewed her about her life for my nutrition class last semester. We love you Grandma Lucas!

On the other end of the spectrum, our friends had their first baby this past week. He is such a cutie pie and I am very happy for them. I know they will be great parents and their son will grow up to play football in the NFL (right Brian?).

I am applying to the IPFW nursing program for next semester. I am a little freaked out about it but don't really know why. I have all A's in my prereqs and I'm sure will do well on my TEAS test. I guess because it really sets my academic path in stone once I get in. I listen to others who are in their first semester of clinicals talk about them and I know I will enjoy it and learn a lot, it's just the unknown I guess. But I have been here before and every other time I've started something new it has been better than I thought.

I asked Austin the other day if he likes his school (since he has been there almost a full year) and he said "No." Pause. "I LOVE it!!" I am so glad he likes his school and I know a lot has to do with his teacher. She is loving and kind but firm when needed and she teaches to the higher acheiving students instead of the lower ones. (I get to watch her teach when I'm volunteering) She is probably the perfect teacher he could've had to move back to a traditional school setting. He will either stay at this school for the next 2 years or move to the gifted program which is housed at another of the elementary schools. We will know after April 15 if he gets in.

Andrew is loving the warmer weather. His favorite things are to play at a playground or play chalk or blow bubbles outside. He has started actually tracing the letters in his dry erase marker book and sometimes asks me what they are. I love that something can be so fun for him and he is learning (but doesn't see it as work!). We haven't even started potty training yet, we may try this summer but I am not interested in any kind of power struggle or backsliding like we had with Austin. He is always amazed if he sees his dad or brother go to the bathroom- hopefully that will help him want to go like a big boy. His brother didn't get potty trained until after age 3 so if it happens before it will be a nice surprise!

I got the opportunity to spend some girl time this past Friday night with a great group of ladies. I have known most of them for about 5/6 years but since we lived out of town we hadn't spent much time together lately. It was a great evening with no kids, no husbands and positive people around. I am looking forward to the next time we can hang out together.

Well my wonderful Andrew has decided he isn't going to nap so getting him ready to go to Granny & Papaw's for dinner later. Oh and GO BUTLER! Beat Syracuse!

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