Monday, April 5, 2010

To Preschool or Not to Preschool


We have decided to wait on the preschool. The church I was looking at is more than I want to pay for 2.5 hours a week, and others I have checked out start at age three. Guess we will have to play with more friends instead!

Original post:

I saw the other day at a church near our place that they offer preschool to 2 year olds. Drew misses the 3 year old cut off by 7 days, but no problem there. It will get him around kids he will be in elementary school with, and he will always be one of the oldest kids in class.

I haven't called for prices yet, but Tony and I think it could only be a good thing for Drew. It will get him around more kids on a regular basis and he will learn new things. The church is also only about 5 minutes from us. We can choose one or two mornings a week.

My only reservation about sending Drew to preschool now is that he is still so young. I know we waited another year to start Austin, so he had only 2 years of preschool and Drew would have 3.

Will update when we decide . . .


Beth said...

Also wondering if he needs to be potty trained? (Definitely not at this point!)

Sarah said...

I think you're the one who told me "well, they're gonna be in school the rest of their lives, so I'd wait" when Jack was 2. Although Drew will be almost 3 & you will be in classes as well so I say it's the perfect time. If it works for y'alls' schedules I say do it!
PS-->good luck on that potty training thing!

Beth said...

I still haven't gotten the chance to call and even see if he needs to be potty trained or not. We are going to work on it after the Maine trip regardless, but who knows how fast he will be. I am mostly thinking about it b/c Drew is not around other kids much, since he isn't in daycare. Although he loves 9 year olds!