Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall 2010

Here I am again at the start of another semester. I'm taking 15 hours this semester, with 2 supposedly "easy" classes. We will see . . .

First of all, I have a nursing seminar, Intro to Nursing with a clinical, and Nursing Skills with a lot of check-offs. There are a lot of extra things to do for these classes also, including community days, working at Focus on Health, and other shadowing type deals.

Other than my nursing classes I am taking an online detective literature mystery class and an Intro to Music Therapy class. As long as I do all of the reading on time for the mystery class I will be fine. As for the Music Therapy class, we do a lot of stuff in front of the class (usually in groups) so I will need to get more comfortable with this. Being more comfortable talking in front of people is actually one of my goals while I am in school so I won't be nervous about speaking up for my patients when I am working.

Other than my school, things have still been pretty full lately. We are helping Tony's mom get a house, so there have been a lot of showings and mortgage people meetings and a very long (but thorough!) inspection. We will see if the current owner fixes any of the major defects that were found. Tony is coaching Austin's flag football team this fall and I am looking forward to going to the games and cheering with Drew. Austin is doing well so far in ALPHA at school (but his teacher said they have been taking it easy on the kids so far). I think there will be some frustrating times but he will do well overall.

Both of our boys have birthdays this month and we are planning gifts and parties for each. Austin really wants to take a friend to Cedar Point for his bday but I am not willing to go on a weekend, so he will have to be happy with a sleepover with a bunch of crazy boys. Drew's party a family only dinosaur themed party. I'm sure he will have a lot of fun no matter what!

Last but certainly not least, my brother's son was born almost a week ago. He is precious and I could just sit and hold him for hours. Except if he poops, I am giving him to his mom and dad because I heard he has some blow outs! He is such a cutie and Drew has totally fallen in love with him. We try not to let him touch too much, but Drew likes to sing to him and kiss him on the head. Austin likes him also, but when there are other big kids to play with, he is good to go.

Oh and I would just like to say that I think it is time to decorate for fall! Please tell my husband I am right!

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