Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthday Boys!

Both my boys are September babies. Here are some pictures from the family parties:

Austin getting his microscope on his actual birthday. (Please ignore the messy room)
Playing "Almost headless Nick" hot potato at Austin's party.

Austin's Hogwart's (and lake) cake made by Granny.

This happened to all the kids' teeth from the icing!

Drew's cake made by Granny.

Pinata time! Uncle Josh is holding the pole/rope for the pinata. Notice how far away he is (white shoes)! When Austin was little Uncle Josh was accidentally hit during pinata time.

Pin the birthday hat on the dinosaur. (Drawn by Daddy)

Austin is having a kid sleepover in a couple of weeks with just a few boys. Drew got a basketball goal for his big present and Austin got a microscope. Austin loves to look at things under the microscope! He is becoming quite the little scientist.
It is amazing to me how much they are both growing. Austin is in 4th grade, in student council and reading The Hobbit. Drew is 3 and loves to dance, sing and play with his big brother and Daddy. He also loves to draw and paint.

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