Sunday, October 10, 2010


10 Things I am Thankful For:
1. God's grace and forgiveness
2. My husband
3. My two wonderful boys
4. My mother in law always willing to watch Drew when I am at school, and wanting to watch both or one boy on quite a few weekends
5. No car debt
6. A roof over our heads
7. Good friends who are honest when needed and uplifting
8. Good health
9. Air conditioning
10. More food available than I could ever need

10 Things I would Like to Accomplish in Life:
1. Strong, God-centered marriage
2. Raise Godly children
3. Adopt a child
4. College degree
5. Volunteer as a family on regular basis
6. Travel outside the USA
7. Move back to Greenwood
8. Visit my friend in WA before she moves back to IN
9. Buy a house
10. Buy a fairly good car with cash

10 Things I need to Change:
1. Deal with stress more constructively
2. Exercise more more (at all!)
3. Better food choices
4. Less TV
5. Remember hubby and I are in it together, not to take stress out on each other
6. Purge some stuff
7. Quit feeling inferior to others for whatever reason I can think of that they must be better
8. Listen to more music at home since it relaxes me and brightens my day

I know I have more I can change, but since I've been up since 6:15 this morn with 2 energetic little boys, I can't think of any more at the moment. By no means am I going to try and change everything at once, I don't think that would help me change #1 (deal w/stress more constructively). Some of the future accomplishments are already in the works and some are a bit farther off. Who knows what will actually happen, that is part of the excitement of life -nothing is certain.

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Beth said...

Got a little slap happy with the font colors. Sorry about that, but I just don't feel like changing it!