Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 is over, but was a lot of fun with our boys. Austin couldn't get to sleep Christmas Eve because he was so excited, and he woke up early to open gifts. Poor thing, we made him wait until his little brother woke up!

Tony and I got what we were hoping for this Christmas - Drew is now potty trained! We started this past Monday and he only took 2 days to be accident free. I love it!

Tony surprised me with a ring that I can wear to nursing clinicals (and future job) - my ring now sticks out and catches on gloves, so I just haven't been wearing it to school. I was shocked because we weren't supposed to get each other anything, and I think he was pleased with my reaction because he said my facial expression was priceless when he had Austin get the ring out of the tree.

Austin said this was his best Christmas ever (funny because he says that every year!) and it was more fun this year because Drew was really into the whole Santa thing and actually knew what Christmas entails. Austin has been putting together his legos every minute we have been home and Drew sleeps with his pillow pet as his main pillow now (so cute!).

Christmas night we went to my parents' for dinner and gift exchange and then today we went to Tony's mom's for lunch and gift exchange. We got to see Tony's aunt and uncle who were passing through on their way home, so that was nice.

Other than our tree's lights slowly dying over this month, it was a great Christmas season. We actually have plans for New Year's Eve so Tony is excited!

See you in 2011

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