Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Resolutions

Happy New Year!

As I start 2011, I can not believe I am turning 30 this year (next month!). Even when I was 20, 30 seemed ancient and here I am, knocking on the door. Now although my 10 year old thinks I am super old, 30 doesn't seem that bad to me. 40 is a different story . . .

I have resolutions for this year and in some ways I feel I have had the same ones for years and years. I suppose at some point I will fulfill at least one of them! Here they are:

1. Get healthier! I want to eat better and exercise more. I need to not care who will walk into the room when I am exercising and just do it. I know how/what I should eat but I talk myself into "treating" myself because I am so stressed, etc and that needs to stop. As a nurse (student and professional) I should be able to set a good example for my patients.

2. Continue purging our stuff that we don't use or need. We got rid of stuff this past year and it felt good! More is needed, partly because we don't have much storage and partly because we just plain old have too much crap.

3. Be more in the moment with my boys. I can't get this time back. It is easy to let stress or fatigue get to me and let them watch tv or play video games (yes even Drew - nickjr.com!) but really, they are young for such a small amount of time and then they are gone. I see this even with Austin - at 10, he doesn't want to do all the small things with me, such as building block castles or drive cars around on the carpet. It was a bittersweet moment today when he told me he wanted to box up his Bionicles and give them away (my feet are happy, but my little boy is growing up!). Anyway, I know I was involved with Austin and want to be the same way with Drew. How did I have so much more energy back then - am I really that old???? I'm not 40 :)

4. FIND A HOME CHURCH AND GO TO IT. This one is getting ridiculous.

5. Have fewer moments where I feel inadequate about nursing and feel like I want to quit school. Feeling like I am bad at things is not my favorite way to be.

6. Reupholster the ottoman and rocking chair. I have the fabric, just need to get it - as in me - together (and figure out how to use my sewing machine).

Well that about sums it up for this next year. We shall see what the year actually brings.

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