Thursday, March 3, 2011

We moved!

That's right folks - we moved with 1 1/2 weeks notice! One night as we were driving home I wanted Tony to go through a certain neighborhood (because I have this thing about looking at houses). He didn't want to and went a different way and we saw a house for rent that we had actually looked at a year ago.
He called the guy renting the house, worked out a great deal for us and signed the lease. We moved a week and a half after the lease was signed! Needless to say, the sorting through and purging I was planning on doing when we moved did not happen. I have giveaway boxes by my side as I am unpacking and am filling them up, slowly but surely.
Although it isn't a perfect house and not one we would buy, there are many things I love about this house:

~ We have a garage!! At this time it is still full of boxes, but soon we will be able to park in it!

~ Backyard - BIG backyard! The boys and I already played outside and had a blast! There is also a great patio with a firepit and a spot for a garden. Austin wants to grow corn and Drew wants to grow carrots.

~ We have a new fridge and a garage fridge. The fridge that was here is not very big and the bottom shelf is
cracked, so we bought a fridge since we will need one wherever we buy next.

~ Trees! Squirrels! Birds! It is great to look out the back window and see squirrels running around.

~ The den is big enough for me to have my craft table set up. This is a first in my adult life and I am looking forward to relaxing as I create. Being able to stop and not put everything away for dinner will be very refreshing.

~ We are allowed to paint (and we did). After living in no-paint apartments for the past three years it is really nice not to have all white walls.

~ Austin has two closets, one full of shelves. All of his Legos are set up in scenes on the shelves. It looks great, and he has played with them more since they are more accessible.

~ Drew is so happy he has blue walls! His xylophone and drum pad are also set up all the time so he can make music whenever he wants.

~ Finally, I don't feel guilty about the boys playing like boys and chasing each other around the house and yelling and (fun) screaming. It is so nice not to tell them to be quieter because "our neighbors are on the other side of the wall".

We will most likely live in this house until I am finished with school (May 2013). Then we will decide where to live, here or Indy or wherever I find a job and we agree on. It should be a nice place to call home for the next couple of years.

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