Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Summer 2012

This summer has been HOT so far and doesn't look like it is cooling down much anytime soon.  We have been spending a lot of time at my parents' pool and it is very refreshing on the hot days.  Although our basement doesn't have any furniture in it yet, it feels so good down there, and we have taken pillows down to sit on and hang out a few times.

I am taking a beginning American Sign Language (ASL) class through the local parks department.  I am really enjoying it and learning a lot of signs.  Austin and Drew keep asking me what the signs are for different things and I love teaching them what I have learned. 

No Wildcat baseball this year for Austin and I must say I am relieved.  Last year many days were a struggle to get him to go and have a good attitude about it, and I am glad I don't need to sit in the oppressive heat this year.  Drew still has one more year before he can play, but I'm sure he will enjoy it as Austin did when he was younger.

We are doing a work share CSA again through a local farm, working 3 hours a week in exchange for vegetables.  I take Austin some days to help; he likes to seed and transfer small plants because he gets to play in dirt :)  This is still the best way in my mind to get fresh, organic vegetables from June to the middle of October.  I know for a fact the lettuce is triple-washed because I do it many weeks!  I am still looking for more ways to use kohlrabi, I've used it in salads and as a substitute for cucumbers on sandwiches, but need to figure out how to cook it so it tastes good.

Both boys are doing our library's summer reading program and are really excited about it.  Austin is officially finished with the minutes for the entire program and thankfully found a new series of books he loves.  This series has 8 books and he has finished 3 so far.  Drew is getting more into reading new (to him) books we choose at the library instead of rereading his favorites all of the time, and I must say this momma is loving the variety!   

We don't have any big trips planned for this summer and probably will stay pretty close to home.  We did get a membership to the Indianapolis Zoo so we can go down there and enjoy that zoo a few more times before school starts.  Tony's family has a reunion planned for the end of July, and of course the kids go to Grandkids week at my parents' house the last week in July.  Hopefully Tony and I will paint their bedrooms while the boys are gone and they will be thrilled with the changes. 

Just a little update on what's going on with our summer -- and before we know it school starts again.  This year Drew is in preschool and Austin is in MIDDLE SCHOOL! 

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