Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Curtains and bathrooms and bedrooms, oh my!

     I have officially made my first decor change in our house, and it is amazing how much better it looks!  The previous owners left blue and white checked curtains on the front living room windows (big  windows!) and I have been perusing the stores for inexpensive replacements since we moved in.  Today I found some curtains and took down those old ones - -

     The new ones are an ivory color and let a lot more light into the room.  They are also calmer (to my eye) and look SO much better from the outside of the house.  I no longer cringe because my eyes are instantly drawn to the blue as I drive up to our house.  Small changes can make a big difference!

     My next two small projects are replacing the sink faucet in the downstairs bathroom, as Drew and other little ones can't turn it on and off easily, and some can't at all; and getting rid of the pink vertical blinds that are in the playroom. Maybe if I had girls instead of boys they would work better.  I have the curtains and rods to put up but just need some assistance from the hubby.  He has been busy lately at his mom's house, along with myself and his brother and wife,  renovating my mother in law's bathroom and back bedroom while she is on vacation.  This has, I think, been more of a process than we anticipated but hopefully by the time she gets back she will have an amazing new bathroom and bedroom.  (The alternative is she stays with us or my brother in law and wife until we are finished - we love her but. . .  I'm sure she wants to be in her own house). 

     Next week the boys are at my parents' house for Grandkids week (WOOHOO!!!) and I look forward to the calm and quiet, at least for a few days.  I know I will miss them before we get them back though.  They really do light up my days and I feel so blessed to be their mother.

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