Monday, February 25, 2013

God in (Drew's) School

I was driving Drew to preschool today and we passed Austin's school.  We always say "Hi Austin, we love you!" as we pass his school but then Drew asked me if Austin gets to learn about God at school.

"No, he goes to a public school not a Christian school."

"Oh," he said. "Well I get to learn about God at my school."

Yes.  This year.  Next year he will be going to public kindergarten and won't get to.  I explained this to him as best I could and then he said:  "Some kids don't believe in God.  I will always believe in God no matter what!"

That makes my heart happy and sad at the same time.  I am so glad he has had this great, Christian experience at preschool, and I know he will still go to kid church on Sundays and  kid church choir on Wednesday nights, but not having that as part of the daily curriculum (and the backbone of the rest) makes me sad. 

I think we got spoiled with Austin when he was little.  He went 2 preschool years and kindergarten at our church's school (in Greenwood) and then I homeschooled for 2 years and could weave our beliefs into any part of the day I wanted.  He was in 3rd grade before he went to public school.

I know we have great public schools here - that is why we live in this part of town.  There are many great things about the school system but my Momma heart hurts when I think of signing Drew up for kindergarten in the big public school.

All in all, I am not dealing well with this - - Tony said I was spoiling Drew this morning when I brought him breakfast in (my) bed and he got to watch cartoons while he ate.  But I told him these days are limited because next year I will get him up, feed him, put him on the bus and not see him again until almost dinnertime.  I am having some issues so bear with me please.

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