Monday, December 24, 2012

Oh, he is yours . . .

     Yep, that was my kid up on stage with the lead singer of the worship team.  Drew couldn't find his way back to us after the pastor read all of the kiddos the Christmas Story. What wonderful people we have at church - one man picked him up and took him to the stage where the worship leader held him until Tony made his way over there.  (He was already on his way but hadn't gotten there yet)  Drew was a bit freaked out and said "but I went straight!"  and couldn't figure out why he didn't get back to us! 

     This was our first year attending Christmas Eve service here and it was nice and short, with lots of music, and you can tell the pastor and others planning the service put a lot of thought into how to keep the little ones engaged and interested.  The service started with a song and then the pastor reading to the kiddos and ended with the kids being invited back up onto the stage to sing and dance during the last song.  (Unfortunately Drew was a little scarred from earlier and too scared to go back up - - then he was mad because he was missing it and it only happens oncce a year!)

Afterwards we went and he got to hug his little friend from preschool so all was well.  On home to eat, put out cookies for Santa, read The Night Before Christmas, and go to sleep so Christmas can come quickly!  I put a bell on the outside of Austin's door because HE is so excited he wakes up at 6am and has to wait for his little brother to wake up! 


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