Thursday, October 24, 2013

Update on my boys

September is a big birthday month in our house.  Both boys were born in this wonderful month!

Austin is now a TEENAGER!!  What happened?  Wasn't he just this little boy running around, playing playdoh, and dancing like no one was watching??  Instead, I have a teenager who plays football, is taller than me, and has his phone seemingly permanently attached to his hand.  He is currently taking Latin at school (by choice) and seems to like it.  He is also in Geometry for high school credit, and still playing the trumpet and enjoying it. 

He mowed his Grandma's and Granny & Papaw's lawns all summer to earn some money and I think he really liked making his own money.  He even had a teacher at his school ask him to mow her lawn next summer.

Andrew is in kindergarten and seems to enjoy it.  There were a few bumps in the road in the beginning - he likes to know what is going to happen and where he should go, etc (much like his mom!) and uncertainty is not his friend.  The bus was missed on the way home one day.  But, he has gotten in the swing of things and is learning a lot. 

He is a reader now and I might be more excited than he is!  He knows a lot more words than he thinks he does, and amazes me each night when we read together.  I am excited for him as he grows in his reading skills and worlds open up for him in books.  He has also made a lot of new friends at school and we have learned of a few in our neighborhood.

Andrew has also asked us to call him Andrew and not Drew anymore. :(  I am doing my best to follow his request but habits are hard to break.

Dobby the dachshund had a birthday too, just not in September.  He turned 5 at the beginning of October.  We have had him for over a year now and can't imagine life without my cuddle buddy!

In somewhat related news, I have only 56 days left until pinning and I am finished with my nursing degree!!!  Woohoo!

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