Wednesday, November 20, 2013

30 Days 30 Days 30 Days

I am soveryclose to the end of nursing school.  Just a few tests and assignments left! This Friday is my last Nursing Spectacular as an undergrad and I get to (i.e. am being forced to) present on a project I have completed while in nursing school.  Only 5-8 minutes . . .

I completed my last round of clinicals in the MedSurg ICU at a local hospital.  I had a lot of new experiences and feel like I learned a lot.  My preceptor was amazing and so knowledgable after 25+ years of working in the ICU.  I am blessed to have learned from her. 

 I am excited but nervous about the next steps to starting my career in nursing.  I know I will pass the NCLEX the first time because I will continue to study and practice questions until I take it.  I am more nervous about getting/starting a job.  We learn a lot in nursing school but there is a lot we still don't know until we are on the job every shift.  I know I will get through this anxiety and become a caring and competent Registered Nurse.

Pinning is December 20th and I am excited for myself and my classmates.  We have persevered down this long, difficult, and stressful road of nursing school that no one can truly understand unless they have also been in nursing school.  We have every right to be proudof ourselves and our accomplishment!

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