Friday, June 13, 2014

New job, adjusting, and summer break

     I'm two weeks into my unit orientation (which means I'm with another RN who knows her stuff) and am loving my new job!  I'm working on the Medical-Surgical unit (the 'regular' unit - where you would normally go if you were sick enough to be admitted to the hospital) at a smaller community hospital close to where we live, and the great thing about it is we get adults, kids, hospice, just about every kind of patient unless very complicated or critical enough to get transferred to the larger hospital in town.

     I really love the feel at this hospital.  From my first interview there my gut was telling me this would be a good place to work and I think my gut was right :)  The patients expect to be treated like family and we all try to give them that.  I'm sure that's a large reason we are a top 100 hospital!!!

     With me going back to work Tony has had to take up a lot of the slack created by me sleeping during the day in between shifts.  He is doing so awesome and I know it is stressful but I am thankful he can handle it.  I think once we get into a groove it will be easier, changes always take a bit of time to adjust.  My kiddos are doing pretty good with it too.  They get to hang with Grandma or Granny and Papaw some days and stay fairly quiet at home on the others.  Both have activities starting up soon so that will be helpful.

     I now have an EIGHTH grader and a FIRST grader!  How crazy!  They both did terrific at school this year and are ready for more challenges ahead.  Andrew is hoping for a certain teacher next year, but with 5 first grade classes I told him we will just have to wait and see.  He is reading up a storm and I'm so glad for him that is really clicked this year. 
  Austin is happy he won't have to go to the high school to take his math class, with just 5 or 6 students as advanced as he is he thought he might.  But one teacher volunteered to teach the class at his school.  Austin's school is switching to block schedule next year so we will see how that goes too.  It will be a big change for the kids to sit in one class for so long.  I'm not super excited about it but we'll roll with it.

     We plan on having a lot of fun around town this summer and maybe taking a few day trips to places.  Lots of parks, the zoo, the drive-in, and swimming are in our future!

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