Saturday, May 30, 2009

finally figured it out

I know what's going on! I have been thinking about how much I wish we still lived in Greenwood and I finally figured out that I am homesick! I never had this when I went to college or even when Tony and I moved down there so I was so confused. But homesickness is defnitely what I am expreiencing.

Now the question is, do I get over it and we continue to live up here or do we figure out a way to move back?? Tony and Austin are expreiencing the same thing I think. I know Austin really wants to move back - yes he has friends @ cub scouts and soccer, but he knew all the same kids since he was a little guy in G'wood, from church and school. It has been a huge change for him, living up here. I feel bad for him but life is about changes right? Poor guy.

We are watching "7 Pounds" right now and will smith's character has a jellyfish. It just ate a fish. I have never seen a jellyfish eat before. Interesting movie so far. . .


Chris said...

What did you think of the movie??? Could you guess the end, or were you surprised?

Beth said...

I liked it - I was kinda surprised b/c from the ads I couldn't figure out what it was about! Tony figured out everything towards the beginning of the movie, which helped me a lot.