Monday, May 4, 2009

Relaxing Nights

I love nights like this. We had dinner (without the TV! - big thing for Tony), I gave Drew his bath and now Tony and Austin are playing golf on the Wii and Drew is walking back and forth down our long hallway throwing balls as he goes. It is very cute to watch, especially since I put him in some of Austin's old pjs. I get very nostalgic when he is in his big brother's clothes.

It is so wonderful that Drew can entertain himself sometimes. I love it when I have to clean or cook, but I also love just watching him play. Most of the time he talks or whispers to himself as he is playing. I also find him in his room on his rocker reading books a lot. Now that I totally love!!

Austin has been reading through his Bible lately when we are in the car. He has one that is kind of comic book-y, so it is easier for him to get into some of the (Old Test.) stories. When I told him he could skip to the Jesus parts, he said his goal is to read straight through the entire Bible. I say go for it!

Off to play with Drew some before he goes to bed at 9.

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