Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Austin had his very first Wildcat game today. It was actually his very first day of playing organized baseball. I am not a fan of the sport, so I have tried to steer him away from it. But hey, Wildcat is only $8 for an entire summer of fun!

Austin did great! He hit 4 out of 4 and got runs each time. He almost forgot to touch home the first run, but went back and did it. He got in the groove of saying "hey batter batter" pretty quickly, and did his best to field balls (needs a bit more practice on that!).

The absolute best part was afterwards, when Austin came up to me and said "That was really fun!!" without me even having to ask. If you know him, you know that is a rarity. I am so glad that Austin likes to play and it gives him something to do 4 days a week until the end of July. Yipee!!

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