Friday, September 11, 2009

I have survived

First test. Check. First paper. Check.

The test was easy (communications class). The paper on the other hand . . . other than the crying fits and yelling and procrastinating to the point of EXERCISING, it got done. Well the first draft anyway. Academic journals = not fun to read! I am so grateful my mom teaches college english, because I am going over to her house this weekend for help rewriting. She totally rocks!

I am not the nicest person when I feel like I can't do something. Seriously I thought I would rather just literally pull my hair out than write this thing. Not good for anyone to be near me (ask Tony). But my saint of a husband still read one of the journal articles to help me make sense of it! Dealing with this feeling of inadequacy constructively is something I'll have to work on in the future. BTW, don't ever take 16 credit hours. You are a crazy person if you do.

On a completely other note, Drew is 2!! We celebrated his birthday in two "shifts" this year. We had cake and ice cream at my parents' house this weekend, then Tuesday went to Chuck E Cheese with Tony's family. It was Drew's first time there and he really seemed to like it, especially the roll the ball game (what is that called??? brain freeze) and riding the horsey. Austin of course used as many tokens as he could to get a bunch of tickets and get prizes. He is like a crazy boy in there!

If anyone wants Boy Scout popcorn, Austin is selling it! Let me know :)


Sarah said...

One: You will survive! AND you can do anything you put your mind to, so don't feel like you can't! And I would suggest taking all free time to start writing and finish papers early because then a buttload of stress goes away.
Two: That ball game is skeeball...haven't you ever seen Dogma?!
Three: I still have an unopened box of like, 100 bags of popcorn from last time! Didn't he just sell it?!
Four: LoVe YoU!!

Beth said...

you could buy popcorn for the troops this time- just an idea