Friday, September 25, 2009

why I am blessed (a reminder for me)

First of all, I have been super stressed lately and yesterday was NOT a good day at school. But we went to the park and played before soccer practice and that really helped me get out of that space. Adjusting back to college life with a family has not been the easiest thing in the world. With my high expectations for myself academically, the lack of studying time/creative study time has been a frustration that I am still working out.

BUT . . .

I thought I should remind myself in writing (typing) what is so great about my life.

~God hasn't given up on me. Though I have given up on myself at times, He has always been there
~ I have a husband that loves me and tries to be nice to me even when I'm not to him.
~ He also supports me going back to school to get a degree (and remind myself I know more than veggietales songs)
~ I have two wonderful sons who sometimes drive me crazy but are a joy all the same. Both their birthdays are this month and it is my favorite month b/c of that!
~ I have super in-laws, especially my MIL who watches Drew when I'm at school and Tony has meetings
~ My mom helps me with my english papers even when I call after 11 on a school night. And I already asked her this question the week before.
~ We have a great zoo here in Fort Wayne and it has been so much fun to take Drew at least every week this summer. Austin thinks it's boring, but Drew loves all the animals
~We have some really fun parks/playgrounds near us. Both boys love to go and play at them as much as we can.
~My family is happy (most of the time) and healthy. I read/hear about other parents who have lost their children or they are very sick and am so thankful mine are healthy.
~ The Colts are winning and Tony Kanaan is finishing races :)

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seeree, phd said...

You may not always feel like SuperWoman (SuperMOM?), but you are! :) :)