Friday, September 4, 2009

Random comments/observations so far

The older students (those who weren't in elementary school when I graduated high school!)seem to gravitate towards each other.

Parking is very easy for an 8am class. Not so much for other times.

My least favorite class is english (sorry mom!). Plus that prof drives me crazy.

It is so very annoying when people talk during class. Seriously I didn't pay all this money to hear you make stupid comments!

The fourth floor of the library IS a great place to study, except when they are working on the building next door.

I can't stop thinking about my anatomy class. I go over regions and bones and muscles whenever I have a spare moment - and I probably look really weird, since I touch where the bones are!


seeree, phd said...

good luck with the bone touching... just think, when you do the muscles you'll be clenching as you think of them. :)

Beth said...

haha maybe I'll get fit then!