Friday, November 20, 2009


I have always loved Christmas. I love celebrating Jesus' birthday, the music, the decorations, giving gifts, and I love love love GCC's Christmas Eve candlelight service (we will be at the Olive Garden for family dinner this year since we are in Ft. Wayne).

Tony had said I could start decorating this year on Nov 15, but I didn't because I had a paper and three tests this past week. So guess what I'm doing this weekend??? Yes siree I am decorating for Christmas! It will be wonderful to get our decorations out. Last year we were still living at my parents' house so we had our tiny (4 inch!) tree in the bedroom and that's about all. I am so excited to get my Willow Tree Nativity set out and our beautiful pre-lit tree out also. Drew loves Christmas trees and lights, so I know it will be a big hit for him. Austin really loves to put the ornaments on the tree and it is always a good time, usually with a Christmas movie on in the background. Still need to get him an ornament for this year, I wanted to get him a Harry Potter one but seriously, $18??? I don't think so. Target has Star Wars and Transformers ornaments so that will have to do. Drew has an Elmo ornament and I'm sure it will be taken off the tree many times!

After Drew finishes up breakfast we are headed out to buy a few gifts. I am looking for something specific for my sister and Jess and getting Tony one or two things. It should be a lot of fun!

In case you were wondering (as I know you were), my absolute favorite Christmas song is "Silent Night". What's yours?

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Kaco said...

pictures, pictures!!

and sounds like time to make your own ornaments :)