Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last Week

Well I have made it. Sort of, I still have one week of classes left then finals week. I am so glad for a long break before next semester, I feel like I haven't been caught up on household/family stuff since August. This week I have a presentation, lab praactical, group speech, and a write up of an interview of an older adult. Not much right? :)
Next weekend I hope to have some family fun before I become a studying hermit - there is something free at the fairgrounds that has horse rides, among other things. I also am determined to get my family out to look at lights on the houses nearby.

Austin flunked his eye exam at school. It was so nice of him to tell us before we got the paper from the school nurse (except he didn't). Now I need to find an eye doctor for him and get him some glasses. Not exactly sure how excited he is about that . . .

We are trying to decide whether we should stay in our apartment at least another year or find a rental house. I am all for the rental house, but am not sure Tony is sold on the moving idea. I would much rather stay more years in a rental house, especially since there is a garage and yard. Apartments make me feel very closed in and even more so in the colder months. We will see what happens, we must tell the office by the end of January.

Off to finish up my English presentation for tomorrow. Have a great week!

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