Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

2009 ended with a little bit of fun for us - we went to my brother's new girlfriend's house and hung out. She has two kids and my sister and her son were there also so the kids had a (loud) blast! We stayed only until 11:20 or so, wanted to stay until midnight but Drew was NOT going to make it. We got home with about ten minutes to spare and Drew was fast asleep when 2010 came around! Tony, Austin and I toasted with some apple juice and then watched a little more TV before going to bed.

New Year's Day was a good and calm day. We just hung around the house and Austin played the Wii and read a new book, while Drew and I played with his "farmer" (little people) toys and his choo-choo tracks. We had a tasty dinner and I was very glad the little fire that happened didn't turn into a bigger fire! Surprise - Tony was doing the cooking, not me. He had a pot that was too little to fry the potatoes and it overflowed. (I won't even mention I wanted them baked instead . . .)

I do have a few Resolutions for 2010. One should be a definite and others complement each other.

1. Apply and get into the nursing program. Don't see any problem with this.

2. Find a home church! This one has proven to be more difficult than I would've thought when we moved up here. Our church in Greenwood is so wonderful, I think we have very high expectations for a new church. But - we need to just bite the bullet and go for it.

3. Lose some weight/inches. This will happen by watching what I eat more and exercising more often. I have this thing about other people seeing me exercise (even family) so I need to either start getting up earlier or figure out a time when Tony will definitely be working and not come out of his office. When the weather gets warmer my mom and I walk together two times a week and that is fun and good for both of us. Until then I need to get out my DVDs and just do it!

4. Less TV. I want to institute one night a week when we leave the TV off. This involves participation from others so I need to work on them a little bit. I personally would prefer to leave the TV off during the week but I don't think that will float in my household, at least not yet :)

5. Eat healthier. This goes along with #3. It also is for the entire family. I don't want Austin to keep going for chips and other junk when given the option to choose his own snack. This may be painful for awhile, because I know how much we love the foods that don't love us, but it will lead to healthier lives overall. Especially since I am going into nursing and I just took a nutrition class I think I should use my knowledge to better our lives. More whole foods, less processed foods is my new motto.

I know that some of these resolutions are pretty lofty, but I figure any steps we take in the right direction are a good start. This past year Tony has started voluntarily recycling cardboard and I could stop asking him everytime , so I know the new year holds great things for us. It can be done!

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