Saturday, January 14, 2012

This Week (1/9)

This was my first week back for the spring semester. I am always overwhelmed by the first week, especially online classes, since I have to figure it out by myself! I have two online classes this semester, Family Communication and Art Appreciation. I'm taking it easy so I can really focus on and study for my nursing Med-Surg class. This is the do-or-die class for nursing majors, and I want to do well and get past it.

This weekend I am watching my friend's children (2 of the 3). Friday when I watch my nephews and niece, that all added up to 10 kids! It was a bit crazy for part of the time but it was fun. I definitely fell asleep when my head hit the pillow though. Today was a fun day of playing and hanging out.

This week we put an offer in on one of the houses we liked, and have countered and now need to reply to the latest counter. I'm not super happy with the seller but whatever happens, happens. Either we get this house or move on and find another one. I am trying to look at the bright side and at least we won't be the ones with two house payments if we don't end up agreeing on an offer!

I read the Indy Star on my iPhone usually daily and am getting excited about the SuperBowl. It makes me wish we still lived there so we could really be a part of the excitement! I'm encouraging Tony to go down at least one morning to watch Mike & Mike's show since he listens to it everyday. I would love to go down too, depending on whether or not I have class.

I am hoping to write a post each week just to keep up on anything new happening in our lives.

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