Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Week (1/31)

I had my first nursing test of the semester this week and I got a B. I am very happy with this, since over half of the class did not pass (75% or above is passing). Only four more tests to go and a 100 page paper and this class is over!!

Austin's science fair was this past week and he got a Superior on his project. He chose to do an experiment on the effects of drag and made an umbrella contraption connected to a bag that held an egg. He dropped the contraption from different heights to see how much the egg cracked. I thought it was a great idea that he came up with for his project. We encouraged him to figure out a question and experiment himself as much as possible but helped when he asked or really got stuck. (Sometimes I feel like we are putting him at a disadvantage because we don't take over more and "help" him more but then again I want him to be able to do his own work as he gets older and not use us. I think some of his friends' parents may help more or he is in class with super-genius kids - who knows??)

My nephew turned 5 this week and his birthday party was at a local ice skating rink - but we didn't skate. They also have bounce houses set up by one of the rinks and the kids all got to play in those for awhile. My boys had so much fun running around and jumping and bouncing in those! I was cold watching them (literally right beside the rink) but they didn't seem to mind and Austin even took off his sweatshirt because he was hot! I also got to hold my baby nephew during the party and he fell asleep on me, so that was a nice bonus.

Drew has started learning how to read - really just sound out letters so far; we are doing a phonics program together. I think he is ready and he seems to like it, although he gets a little antsy towards the end. I remember Austin at this age and we used to do math and spelling while he was doing jumping jacks or some other movement to keep his body moving but still keep focus on the task at hand. This may be what Drew needs at this time also, we will see how the next few times go.

I am very proud to say that we have lived in Indy - - from everything I've heard this week they have done an amazing job of hosting the Super Bowl. I have heard quite a few people on TV saying Indy has done one of the best jobs hosting (now I don't know if they say this every year, but I can't really see that happening). The weather has even been cooperating, for the most part it has been warmer than usual. I wish we could've gone down one morning to see the Mike & Mike broadcast but it didn't work out. We are watching the big game at home and just hanging out with Tony's brother and his wife. It should be a fun and low-key time.

Feb 4 marks two years since Tony's grandma died. She was a wonderful woman who raised a great family and I still miss her. When we moved back to the Fort we started having dinner with her each week and saw her a few times a week. I'm very glad Austin and Drew got quality time with their great grandma (or as Drew calls her "the other grandma") before she passed. We were blessed to have such a lady in our lives.

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