Monday, September 24, 2012

A few updates

Happy Fall to all!  I am very excited my favorite season is here again :)

    ~ We have a dog.  Anyone who knows my husband's feelings about our previous dog and that experience knows how much of a miracle it is that we have another dog.  (and I haven't even graduated yet!) 

     Our new dog's name is Dobby (yes from Harry Potter) and he is an almost 4 year old miniature dachshund.  He is a barker, licker, and cuddler.  He loves to lay with whoever is sitting and sleeps in bed with us each night - unless he is sleeping with Drew!

     I think Dobby is a great addition to our family and I for one am very glad he is a part of our family  :)

  ~ I am feeling pretty good about my classes this semester.  I don't know if it is already being finished with one clinical (5 weeks) or that I got solid Bs on both of my first tests in clinical courses.  (Which is GOOD Mom and Dad!)  I have 5 more weeks of my OB clinical and then clinicals are finished until next semester.  I hope this semester continues to go well and I can keep counting down the weeks until my long-awaited and hard-earned graduation.

    ~ Austin is in MIDDLE SCHOOL this year.  He really seems to like it and is doing very well in all of his classes.  The 6th graders aren't allowed to do team sports so right now he is just doing intramurals.  Next year he will probably play football and maybe basketball.  The 0615 wake up time is rough some days, but he is adjusting well.

    ~ Drew is in Pre-K this year and LOVES it!!!  He goes to a church preschool near us and has made friends and hugs his teacher and can't hardly wait until after lunch to go to school each day.  I am very glad he enjoys school - this momma sort of didn't want to let her baby grow up, but it is good to see how much he likes to interact with the other children.  He is already looking forward to being 6 so he can go to kindergarten and ride the bus like his big brother.

    ~ We are starting on redecorating our half bath.  Right now it is a lovely green and pink sponge paint with a n even lovelier wallpaper border on the walls and stained carpet.  We are putting in hard flooring and painting the walls a solid color with NO border, as well as changing the towel ring, toilet paper holder, and sink faucet.  If all turns out how I envisioned it will look very nice.  If not, well Tony will make the rest of the decorating decisions!

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