Wednesday, September 3, 2008

what to do what to do

Austin is in his third week of school at Imagine.  So far I am not impressed.  I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but he has been switched classes and I have not even gotten ANYTHING from his new teacher say "hi this is me"  I think he could find time to type/write a little note saying that.  Also the pick-up procedure is very unorganized, as well as the lunch money/ordering.  They say they need parents but then don't take up on the offers of help.

(Yay I am so happy that this autosaves - my computer battery died and it is still here!)

All that complaining to say - I want to pull Austin out so badly!  But I don't know if it is b/c last year I had total control with homeschooling and I need to adjust or if it is as bad as I think.  If I still feel as strongly when he has finished a month (and if he is still doing single-digit no carrying addition) I think I will talk seriously to Tony about pulling him out.  For now I am praying and trying to find the silver lining of this school.  Maybe it is just beginning of school craziness who knows.  

A kid must be bored when he asks his mom to teach him borrowing if they aren't doing it by October!!  No joke.  

UPDATE:  We got a call a few days after I wrote this last post that the other Imagine school had an opening and got him in there.  I like it better, the facility is larger and nicer, they seem to have better communication.  I am still giving this semester if they are not teaching what up to his level.  He might be a bit ahead of his grade level, but that is part of the Imagine schools - they teach to each child's level, not just all the kids lumped in together.  I have high hopes and he can stay there until high school (if Tony gets his way - BLHS) or through graduation.  We will have to wait and see, but I am a bit more optimistic.

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seeree, phd (jan 09) said...

my brother student taught first graders at imagine on broadway a few weeks ago. i think that it might have been the worst day of his life. and i've witnessed quite a few bad days. i hope that austin is doing better at the new school...