Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tony has already had one job interview and has two more this week.  Praying for the right job to come through.  I know he will do great in any of them.
ANDREW IS ONE!!! My baby is not so much a baby anymore!  We had a little family party on the weekend and then on his actual birthday made pizzas, since that is one of his favorite foods.  He seems to really like his new toys - so do his brother and cousin!
Tony and I went and got our new licenses today, so we officially live in Fort Wayne and we can vote in the election.  I am very glad about that, I didn't want to be someone who tells others how important it is to vote and then not do it!  
I pray that I either grow to like the church we have been attending or we find another great one up here.  So far, I haven't "felt it" while I have been at that church.  The people seem nice and the sermons seem right on with what I have been taught and believe, but for me I am not connecting how I feel I need to.  
I am going to work on getting a better schedule during the day.  With Tony being home, I have let myself be a little lazy and not do housework and/or go many places.  I am going to get my library card soon and check out the nearest branch and well I don't know what else.  I have told Austin's teacher that I will volunteer one morning a week at school, so that should help things. 
We are taking Austin to a Bishop Luers home football game this Friday.  He is excited and it should be a fun time for the three of us!  Hoping for no rain and chilly but not cold weather.  I am actually looking forward to it! 

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Chris said...

I have a recorded sermon our pastor did a few years back about "dating" churches. I will send it to you if interested.