Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My kids rock!

  Tony and I took Drew in for his one year old shots.  Five of them - 5!!  He didn't cry until she poked him with the second needle, then cried until I could cuddle him and he calmed down right away.  He is so good with the shots, I am very glad.  BTW the Supershot location near Parkview is very nice.  I thought we would have a long wait by the number of people in there, but it was around 20 minutes or so.  
   We all got library cards today since we just moved.  I let Austin pick out three books to read but he ended up getting only two.  He put one back that was a "comic book" book because he knew I didn't really like him reading those.  I was going to let him get it, I have decided it's better than nothing.  I am very proud of his decision making ability.  
   One of my friends is supposed to have her third baby tomorrow and I pray for her a short and (relatively!) easy labor.  I can't wait to meet him or her!

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