Monday, October 6, 2008

It's all going to work out

That happens to be something Tony kept telling me as we moved up here and he didn't have a job and I wasn't happy with Austin's school and we have a civic and an old truck to try to fit 3 kids in (when I watch my nephew) and let's see what else. . . 

Tony has a job now and starts training in (ironically) Indy tomorrow.  Yay for that!  He doesn't have to be on-call!  Also he will be working from home a lot so I won't always have to take the little boys to pick Austin up from school. 

My grandparents have decided they don't need two vehicles anymore and are giving one of their really nice vans to my parents.  There is a high possibility that we might be getting or buying for cheap one of my parents' vans.  Awesome!  Then I don't have to beg my dad to borrow his van when I have all three boys in tow.  He always lets me but I feel bad about him having to drive his truck which doesn't get good gas mileage.  

Although I love my hubby very much I am excited about him being in Indy for 3 nights.  I get my own bed and get to spread out and put the pillows anywhere I want!!  Also Austin can't sleep with me because every night is  school night!

I have a lot of exclamation points today . . . 

I am still not so sure about Austin's school but I am giving them a semester and watching, watching, watching.  I am helping out every Wednesday, so I get to regularly see what they do.  His teacher is really nice and does a great job with the kids and never seems to lose any patience!  I would love to set her up with my brother : )   I still feel that Austin is not being challenged with the work and I have not seen science or social studies happening.  I know he is loving being around other kids, even though he doesn't love all the kids.  And he learned how to give the finger/what to say in Chinese today.  Don't know how accurate the kid who taught him is but isn't it just wonderful that they teach each other things? : )