Sunday, October 19, 2008

Three (new to me) Movies

I have seen a few movies recently and really enjoyed two of them. . .

"Fireproof" - Tony and I went on a date (yay!) and saw this in the theater. This is a great movie for anyone who is married or even seriously dating. It is very honest about some of the struggles people can go through in marriage. There is a book to go with the movie called The Love Dare (I think it is out?). This movie is made by the people who did "Facing the Giants", which I also highly recommend. I wouldn't let Austin watch "Fireproof" for quite a few years though, there are some intense scenes not appropriate for young ones.

"August Rush" - okay so I like most anything Keri Russell is in. Loved her in Felicity and Waitress is a good movie too. This movie is predictable yes but it is an enchanting sort of story about a boy who wants to find his parents and does so through music. Austin walked in halfway though this and he sat down and watched it until the end. He really liked it also. I love stories about parent-child bonds/love and this one incorporates music, another of my loves. I got to explain to Austin what a prodigy is during the movie!

"Indiana Jones 4" - I love the Indiana Jones trilogy! BUT I felt that this movie was a bit campy to really fit in with the others. Some of the dialogue and situations were just out there. It was okay and I always like watching Harrison Ford be Indy but come on people could you have thought of another plot?? It was a bit far-fetched for me. SPOILER ALERT: And Austin can't watch it until he gets over his fear of aliens (or interdimensional beings that sure look like aliens). He has had issues ever since Tony let him watch "Signs" in spite of my protests. I think I will still to the first three Indy movies.

What movies have you seen recently that you like?

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seeree, phd (jan 09) said...

i just watched august rush yesterday and i liked it too! super cute! i unfortunately cannot tell you any good movies i've seen lately because i haven't seen any new movies...