Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bottle that and use it

As I was getting frustrated at the fact that it seems only I can run my parents' disposal, Tony said to bottle that and use it when I talk to my dad.  I've decided the only way to get him moving on the house thing is to nicely nag.  I don't like to nag and ask constantly, but come on he has had six months to work on stuff. It doesn't directly affect him so he puts it out of his mind.  Trust me, I know my dad.  So we talked the other day and I looked up everything he asked for and sent it to him and sent him another page I had done a month or so ago.  Here's hoping.  I just need to (sweetly) get on his butt and make sure it gets done.  We have a house in mind that would be a great deal and great layout (bed/bathroom for m.i.l. if needed) and quite frankly it may not sell anytime soon since it has been on the market almost a full year (foreclosure).  I think I have already said this in a blog since I am having deja vu.  
Here's hoping the plan works . . .

Two super good reasons to homeschool:
1.  Austin did not get sick last year.  Today I had to pick him up early.  Plus last year he couldn't pass anything to his little bro.  Therefore, his little bro didn't get sick AT ALL in his first year of life.  This past week was the first time.
2.  Austin has been learning assorted middle finger alternatives from boys at school.  He was dared to put his ring finger up at a teacher and see if he got into trouble (thank goodness he didn't!) and also has learned what the kids say is a chinese "middle finger" (pinky up) and word.  Super!  

Times he comes home and tells/shows me those things are when I most wish we were still homeschooling.  At least I know he wouldn't be learning that stuff at school.  cub scouts maybe, but not school! : )

Congratulations to President elect Obama.  I didn't vote for him but I will be praying for him and his administration to lead the country with integrity the next four years.  My only hope is that he leads more like his campaigning and less like his very liberal voting record.  
   My mom asked Austin who the president was yesterday and he said Obama and she said "nope!  it's President Bush".  She asks her classes that every year when a new President is elected and rarely does any student answer correctly.  

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