Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my cutie pie second born

  I am sitting here watching Drew eat his breakfast and talk to Gracie the dog (and feed her) and he is just so darn cute!!  He is starting to talk a lot more these days and says "hihihi"all the time and "bye  bye" and sometimes kind of says Papaw but I don't know if he knows it yet.  He's learning a lot of words from his older cousin, like "stuck" and "uh-oh" Can you tell my nephew likes to get into things?  Drew has yet to say Dada, which I kind of feel bad about but Austin said that WAY before Mama so I am okay with it too!  Tony's grandma said when your baby says Mama first, then your next kid will be a girl.  Here's hoping!!
   Drew loves loves loves to dance!  He jams to music, toys that play music, Hi-5 (tv show) and anything else.  Sometimes I think he has a song in his head!  He seems to like music with no words better to dance to.  It is just so fun to see his little bottom bopping around to the beat!

Well, off to the races!  I think I'm going to the library today to see what I can see.

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seeree, phd (jan 09) said...

Eli hasn't said dada yet either, and it kinda bums jeremy. He just calls both of his parents mama. Though one day he did call some flamingo lawn ornaments dada.