Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fort Wayne - Indy

I like being able to go on a date with my hubby and having free childcare. The zoo is pretty fun - hopefully next year it will be evven better with the new Africa part opening. No real rush hour - if I don't time my driving right, it doesn't matter. Seeing family and hanging out more often.

I miss the fanatic support of the Colts. The Indy skyline. Our church. Austin's friends he has known since he was 3/4. Being closer to my grandparents. Will probably really miss Indy in the month of May for all the 500 stuff. The Children's Museum. The newscasts and meteorologists -these fort wayne newscasts are bunk. The basketball and soccer leagues at our church for Austin.

Fort Wayne was just voted the best city in Indiana to raise kids. My brother said "yeah in the summer" and we will see after this winter, but I think I might agree with him. Not so much to do in the cold months - science central is small and quite a few of the exhibits don't even work how they are supposed to!! I'm sure I will find more things as I look for them.

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Kaco said...

Did you go to the zoo on a date?? :)

I would miss "The Month of May" too.

go colts!