Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tony don't read!! (you may freak)

I'm trying very hard not to, but I am starting to get a little baby crazy! Someone needs to have a baby soon so I can hold yours! IF I were to get pregnant soon, I would hopefully not until Aug/Sept so I can do an entire year of school before baby is born. Of course, my body seems to have its own idea on "all that" stuff, so it could be next month or it could be years. Who really knows (frustrating!!)?

So tell me, who is pregnant? The youngest baby I know right now is 7 months, and that isn't young enough. My sista, if you could follow through on your honeymoon plan, that would be great! I need to get this baby fever gone and soon. Who will it be???

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Sarah said...

How are you gonna title a blog 'Tony don't read' and really expect him to read it?! come on! That's telling him to read it!!! I hopefully will get pregnant on my honeymoon..we sure will work on it for ya! LoVe!